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Sociolinguistics for Eng Lang

Focus of course is on an in-depth study of the English language as a system. Emphasis is placed on applying concepts, theories, and research in classroom practices to facilitate the acquisition of English.


What Is and Isn't Language?

This seminar addresses language as a human phenomenon. Students will learn what language is as well as what it is not. The content is limited to a only few topics such as language origin, animal communication systems, language in the brain, first-language acquisition, language variation and change, and language and culture, but these topics intersect with notions of language in fields such as anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, education, sociology, and classical as well as modern languages.


Intensive Elementary German

Designed to prepare students with some background in German for the first intermediate level course. One semester equivalent of the elementary sequence.


Intermediate German I

Continuation of the development of proficiency in listening and speaking, while expanding the reading and writing skills using materials of a literary or cultural nature.


Intro to German Readings

Builds upon and further enhances the basics developed through the first intermediate course. Reading numerous short works of fiction and nonfiction and through discussions and short written assignmenets in German, expanding the critical listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and cultural skills necessary for further study.


General Linguistics

Introduction to the nature, structure, and functions of human language. Topics include: design features of language; phonology, morphology, and syntax; semantics; and language variability.


Linguistic Analysis

Builds upon the principles presented in General Linguistics and applies them in the analysis of further topics such as writing systems, language comparison and change, language acquisition and learning, and artificial and non-human communication systems.


Lang as Cultural Phenomenon

An introduction to sociocultural or anthropological linguistics, the study of the relationship between language, culture, and society. Readings, lectures, and discussions will focus on variation at all levels of language and how this variation helps to create diversity and is itself created by a multitude of factors with possible educational, political, cultural, and social repercussions.


The Origin of Language

Spoken language has been called the most important achievement of humanity. The origin of language may be found in the gestures of hominids millions of years ago. An investigation of how these simple gestures may have developed into the modern spoken, written, and signed languages of today.


Intro to Romance Linguistics

An introduction to descriptive, historical, and applied linguistics with reference to the romance languages, specifically French and Spanish.


Tch Eng to Spkrs of Othr Lngs

Development of linguistic, cultural, and pedagogical competence in teaching English as a second or foreign language.

  • "Applying Certain Features of Dependency Theory to the Teaching of Foreign Languages" in The Canadian Modern Language Review.
  • "Three Interrelated Grammatical Constructions: Passive Voice, Extended Adjectives, and Relative Clauses" in The Canadian Modern Language Review.
  • Web Publication of LernerDeutsch: An Elementary Review Grammar of German.
  • "Foreign Language Education: Primary School Programs," in The International Encyclopedia of Education.
  • "Teaching Adjective Endings in German: A Syntagmatic Approach." in The Modern Language Journal and reprinted in The Incorporated Linguist
Ph.D. in Historical German Linguistics
Indiana University
M.A. in German Linguistics
University of Colorado
Fulbright Fellow in Linguistics
Universit?t Hamburg
M.S. in Urban and Overseas English
Indiana University
B.A. in German and French
Wichita State University

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