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Dr. Erik Ching

Dr. Don Gordon 

Dr. Kristy Maher 

Associate Professor of Sociology

Dr. Maher was on sabbatical for the 2006-07 academic year. She studied compliance issues related to tuberculosis treatment and developing a new course on Global Health.

Katie Ballentine

Political Science major

"Take part in everything you have a chance to because it is the opportunity of a lifetime and you won't want to miss a single second of it! It's amazing and absolutely worth it!"

Anna Bartolini 

Sociology major

"Really make the most of every opportunity. So what if you are tired, feel like sleeping.... When are you going to be in Africa again? Go on every game drive, on optional trips to the beach, climb the dunes, give hugs to the little kids you meet and really ask the hard questions!"

Stephanie Bass 

Chemistry major

"You will probably feel inadequately prepared (emotionally, intellectually, even by the amount of quick-dry clothes you bring) for what you will experience because there's no way to prepare yourself so just embrace that from the beginning and you'll be just fine :) "

Chris Bradt

History major

"Don't bring as many pairs of long pants as they tell you to, and be very careful if you take your camera to the sand dunes. Also, bring ear plugs because the lions get pretty loud at night."

Kristen Capogrossi

Political Science and Economics major

"Take advantage of every opportunity offered--Climbing Table Mountain, climbing Lion's Head, going to the orphanage twice, going on extra game drives, anything! They are all worth it and you'll regret it later if you don't!"

Christina Correnti 

French major

"Go ahead - step outside your comfort zone. Dare to be physically ,emotionally and intellectually challenged for a term. You won't find a trip like this anywhere else."

Mandy Crout 

Mathematics major

"Be prepared for a complete challenge to everything you've ever thought you knew about life. It's worth it."

Pete DeMarco 

Political Science major

"This was by far the best experience I've had in college."

Lauren Ferguson 

Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies major

"I will never be able to think about capitalism, globalization, the rise of the Western world, wealth inequality, poverty, disease, race, education, religion, the way in which history is recorded, and every other facet of life in the same way ever again. My viewpoint on each of these named and unnamed areas has become broader, sharper, and I will forever exercise my power to question all that is around me for the rest of my life."

Daniella Fergusson 

Political Science major

"Going to Africa really internalized for me how the world doesn't know boundaries, but we create them anyway."

Erica Giovanni 

Political Science and Communications major

Derek Gleason 

Political Science and Spanish major

"Don't bother with a razor!"

Gary Guth 

Health and Exercize Science major

"My advice for future students participating in this foreign study trip to Africa would be to really take in and appreciate every minute of your trip. The sounds. The smells. The visuals. Your time spent in these wonderful, intriguing new places comes and goes faster than you can imagine. Take in every moment as though you were leaving that day."

Christina Henderson 

Political Science major, Women's and Gender Studies and Black Cultures in the Americas Concentrations

"Africa was absolutely life changing! My favorite quote on the trip was: 'An individual life can change society.'"

Jen Holden

Political Science and Environmental Science major

"Incredible is the only way to describe my trip through Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. I now look at the world from an entirely different perspective--this is engaged learning at its best! Also, Dale McKinley said, 'Silence is complicity'"

Molly Kirk 

French Language and Literature major

"A Headlamp and a pair of comfy flipflops were two of the best things I brought. Also- bring some clothes you don't mind leaving behind... and some extra cash that you would be willing to spend on those who desperately need it!"

Jessie Koerner 

Political Science major

"'Shush, I do what I want to!' - Dr. Ching"

Katrina Lacey

Political Science and Urban Studies major

"Katrina's Top 10 Advice for Africa:

  1. Don't completely ascribe to Ching's utilitarianism. You'll be glad you brought "cute" stuff.
  2. Sunscreen...seriously.
  3. Keep a journal.
  4. Ask questions.
  5. Take pictures -- and don't format your memory card.
  6. Try the Springbok is a necessity.
  7. Sit on the top of the Land Cruiser.
  8. Keep in touch with someone you meet.
  9. Sleep on the is way better than a cot.
  10. Let Africa in. It's incredible."

Neca Parker

International Development Studies major

"My most favorite thing about Africa is just how much I've grown. I can't count the number times the experiences made me laugh and cry and each time for the better. I was exposed to extreme poverty and challenged to ideas, beliefs, and attitudes that were not my own. I was able to take part in something that undoubtedly has forever shaped my life. Call me a nerd but I LOVED the course content and the speakers Furman is always able to attract. I loved the nights in Botswana in tents with elephants walking through our campsite. I loved the people and memories we share. But what I hate is that the study abroad only lasts a term and ends so fast, and life begins again back at the Furman bubble. The only thing that keeps me going is that I can't wait to go back!"

Anna Ready 

PoliticalScience major

"To say that the Africa study abroad is life-changing is almost unjust. Traveling the landscape, witnessing abject poverty, and meeting the beautiful people is something that cannot be described in a mere sentence or even a photo, it is only to be experienced. "

Megan Remmel 

History and Political Science major

"Mark Twain said, 'Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.'"

Caleb Rutledge 

Biochemistry major

"Play Hearts"

Chris Schoen 

Political Science major

"Take a good camera, comfortable jeans, and a bottle of Goldbond medicated powder."

Jamie Schoen 

Political Science major

"Put on sunscreen everyday! You get burned at the weirdest times!"

Anna Sibley 

Political Science major

"Lillian Smith said, 'No journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.'"

Kartikeya Singh

Ecology and Sustainable Development major

"Forget about the Africa that you think you know: wild, unspoilt, pristine and the occasional smattering of tribal cultures. This is a land of contrasts--one that is plagued by disease and poverty with lagging development but at the same time trying to get a foot in the door in this era of globalization. You will see development that parallels the West and at times you may think you have left Africa and ventured into Europe. The latter implies that the era of apartheid in Namibia and South Africa specifically, has left a system whose effects will endure well into the 21st Century."

Jessica Taylor

Political Science major

"If anyone offers you their hand in marriage in exchange for eleven cows, run away quickly. Very, very quickly. But on a serious note, embrace every opportunity you have to ask questions of anyone you meet and don't be afraid to try new things!"

Katie Tipton

Political Science major

"Pack lightly and bring quick dry!"

Traver Toole 

Political Science major

"One can never look at the world the same way after experiencing Southern Africa. If you ever have the opportunity to go, don't turn it down because it is life changing!"

Noah Woodiwiss

Political Science major

"Study abroad every chance you have! No book, overhead, or lecture can transform or educate the way that personal, on-site experience can. The most potent memories I will take with me from Furman will undoubtedly come from this incredible trip - what I learned, what I encountered, and who I experienced it all with."

Jennifer Ward

Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies major

"Traveling in Africa changed everything about the way I think about the world, my future, and myself. It is a truly wonderful study abroad with expert professors, excellent academics, and exhilarating activities. I will never forget it and I'm already making plans to go back"

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