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Africa 2003 Itinerary - Swaziland

Travel from Kruger National Park to Piggs' Peak, Swaziland — Day 21

  Hike to waterfall.

Scott McPherson said:
Swaziland. Today I hiked to a waterfall cascading down into the Swazi farmland. I sit on the balcony outside my hotel room, a decent cup of coffee, once again watching an African thunderstorm rolling across the veld.

Travel from Piggs' Peak, Swaziland to Ulundi, South Africa — Day 22

  Visited Ulundi Museum of Zulu History.

Visit to Zulu cultural center next to the Ulundi Museum.

Received a lecture from Ng Zulu, head of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) youth league. He lectured to us about the policies of the IFP and delivered a strong IFP-based critique of the ANC.

Monica Bell said:
The IFP has held to its more conservative views, even priding itself on winning the Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award from the American Conservative Union in February of 2000. They have a platform of "you do crime, you do time," believe in self-help and self-reliance as political principles, and welcome foreign investment as much or more than the ANC. The IFP is considered to be more traditional, has a greater respect for traditional authority, and desires more local control — at the provincial level and lower. They accuse the ANC of being communistic, immoral, and fiscally unsound. Despite the historical understanding of the IFP as pretty much a single ethnic group party, the Youth Brigade leader claimed (dubiously) that all black ethnicities and even non-Bantu people are IFP members. 

The ANC does not consider the IFP a serious threat. The IFP has even lost control of its most prized province, KwaZulu Natal. Now the ANC and IFP govern the province as a joint venture. The ANC has even decided that the capital of KZN is Pietermaritzburg, not Ulundi and the IFP prefers. It is interesting that most of the IFP's critiques of the ANC are by far minority opinions. For example, the ANC, given its new neo-liberal persuasion is far from socialistic. They even left behind the social democratic platform of the RDP to support GEAR, which N.G. Zulu said that he supports. There no longer seem to be many issue position differences between the two parties, since the IFP has apparently adopted the non-racialism philosophy of the ANC. Interestingly, only their rhetoric and leaders are different. The story of the IFP/ANC struggle may ultimately be one of personal difference of the ambition between Mandela and Buthelezi, not one of principled disagreement in policy.

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