Election Class of 2017

Name Graduation Class
London Aubrey Anderson 2017
Katarina Elizabeth AuBuchon 2017
Kerby Kathleen Baier 2017
Brock Edward Baker 2017
Marina Agnes Baldwin 2017
Caroline E. Balling 2017
Caroline Dolores Besley 2017
Melanie Grace Brown 2017
Alissa Castleberry 2017
Emily Katherine Causey 2017
Samanthan Yvonne Chamberland 2017
Molly Clark 2017
Tabitha Faith Colter 2017
Helen Fite 2017
Elizabeth Weatherly Francis 2017
Emily Katherine Gale 2017
Alexandra Grace Harris 2017
Erin Beck Haseley 2017
Alexis Miles Hawkins 2017
Clark Hickerson 2017
Tien Thuy Hoang 2017
Henry Reed Holmes 2017
Graelyn Humiston 2017
Warren Allen James 2017
Adam Griffan Johnson 2017
Emily Anne Kurfman 2017
Mary Rebecca Lankford 2017
Viet Tuan Le 2017
William Lewis 2017
Leah Kimrey Limbaugh 2017
Sarah Kathryn Luke 2017
Mark Chandler Lukridge 2017
Erin Gatch Mellor 2017
Samin Mossavi 2017
Kristen Michele Murdaugh 2017
Reed Wesley Oliver 2017
Kelsey Orr 2017
Caroline Hill Owen 2017
Shauna Alise Owen 2017
Jackson Seipp Perry 2017
Lauren Pinion 2017
Lacey Guyton Porter 2017
Megan McKenna Probst 2017
Matthew Ryan Quarles 2017
Rebecca Lattie Reddoch 2017
Caitlin Frances Richardson 2017
Daniel Henry Rivers 2017
John Michael Robinson 2017
Hayden Rudd 2017
Katie Rose Scholles 2017
Alexandra Catherine Scott 2017
Margaret Helena Shelton 2017
Kyle Blake Simmons 2017
Mahmood Syed 2017
Jonathan Vandenberg 2017
Caroline Marion Violante 2017
Audrey Sonali Ward 2017
Kayla Wiles 2017
Sarah Elizabeth Wood 2017
Ashley Jayne Young 2017
Emma Grace Zyriek 2017
Grayson Breneman Ashby 2018
Nikita Girish Deshpande 2018
Carol Ann Lewis 2018
Sarah Mixon 2018
David Ashworth Watts 2018

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