Margaret Caterisano serves as Furman's costume designer and costume shop supervisor. She was hired as Furman's costume designer in 1986, though she took a seven-year break from the university in order to raise a family. Since then, she has designed thousands of costumes for the university's theatre productions and teaches a number of theatre courses, ranging from introduction to theatre to costume crafts.

Caterisano credits her design style to Deborah Brunson and John Ross, who mentored her at the University of Alabama. Brunson was a major proponent of a "pattern on pattern" approach to design that Caterisano has brought to her own classroom. ​

Name Title Description


Theatre Practicum

Significant participation in the department's theatre productions as determined by the faculty, including, but not limited to, serving as a cast member, in stage management, as a crew head or as an assistant to a designer. Required for declared majors every semester. Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory ONLY.


Introduction to Theatre

Script analysis, dramatic structure, production styles, introductory overview of acting, directing, design, and technical elements of production. Participation in some phase of play production (backstage or onstage) or a creative project is part of the course.



Principles of makeup design for the theatre based upon play reading and script analysis. Techniques of application limited to the painterly approach and beginning three-dimensional techniques. Compilation of a resource file of graphic images provides the basis for design choices.


Costume Crafts

Principles of costume technology, including basic sewing/construction techniques, fabric identification, and modification technique; and crafts techniques, such as millinery, armor construction, and dyeing and painting.


Clothing as Self Expression

Students will explore fashion as a form of self-expression and attempt to assess the importance of our personal daily routines relative to external manipulation of our fashion priorities.


Costume Design

The costume design process, from elements and principles of design to analysis of script and character, historical research, and methods of rendering. Completion of ART-111, 113 or 124 helpful, but not required.

I want to help my students become contributing theatre artists. Generally, I am interested in helping our students become proficient in all areas of the theatre; specifically, I am interested in providing design opportunities for interested and qualified students, as well as building opportunities for budding crafters. I enjoy the collaborative nature of the theatre, and encourage my students to embrace the collective approach to performance. I believe there is strength in choice, and love a process where many voices contribute ideas to a single work of art.


  • Julius Caesar (2013) - The Warehouse Theatre Educational Tour
  • The Winter's Tale (2013)
  • Beyond Therapy (2012)
  • Circle Mirror Transformation (2012)
  • Lysistrata (2011)
  • This is How It Goes (2010)
  • As You Like It (2009)
  • The Good Doctor (2007)
  • The Shape of Things (2007)
  • An Evening with Ives (2006)
  • The Tempest (2006)
  • An Empty Plate in the Cafe du Grand Boeuf  (2006)
  • Moonchildren (2005)
  • The Miser (2005)
  • The Women of Troy (2004)
​* All productions were held at Furman unless otherwise noted.

The University of Alabama
Troy (State) University

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