LAS Faculty

John Barrington
Professor of History

  Training: Ph.D., History, William and Mary 
Interests: Religion and the Origins of Nationalism 
Courses: HST 141 
Visit Dr. Barrington's website

David Bost 
Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures

  Training: Ph.D., Spanish, Vanderbilt 
Interests: Colonial Literature, Liberation Theology, Latin American Historical Narrative 
Courses: SPN 210, SPN 361, SPN 440, SPN 460 (García Márquez) 

Jeremy Cass
Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures

  Training: Ph.D., Hispanic Studies, Kentucky 
Interests: Latin American Literature, The Caribbean, Cuba, Afro-Hispanic Studies 
Courses: FYW 1186, FYW 1187, SPN 210, SPN 240, SPN 361, SPN 440, SPN 448, SPN 460 (Plantation), LAS 470 
Visit Dr. Cass's website 

Maurice Cherry
Carey Shepard Crantford Professor of Modern Languages  

  Training: Ph.D., Spanish, Northwestern 
Research interests: Latin American Culture and Civilization 
Courses: SPN 210 and SPN 240 

Erik Ching, LAS Chair
Professor of History 

  Training: Ph.D., History, California-Santa Barbara 
Interests: Modern Latin America, Central America, 20th-Century El Salvador 
Courses: HST 142, HST 352, LAS 470
Visit Dr. Ching's website 

Cleve Fraser
Professor of Political Science 

  Training: Ph.D., Political Science, Northwestern 
Interests: Latin American Politics 
Courses: PSC 230, PSC 244
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Ron Friis
Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures 

  Training: Ph.D., Spanish, Penn State 
Interests: Contemporary Mexican Poetry, the avant-garde in poetry and painting 
Courses: SPN 210, SPN 361, SPN 460 (Neruda), SPN 460 (Poetry and Art), LAS 470 
Visit Dr. Friis's website

David Gandolfo
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Training: Ph.D., Philosophy, Loyola 
Interests: Latin American Philosophy 
Courses: PHL 260, LAS 470

Sofía Kearns
Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures 

Training: Ph.D., Spanish, Illinois 
Interests: Contemporary Latin American Literature by Women, Ecocriticism, Feminism, Post Colonial Studies, Service Learning 
Courses: SPN 210, SPN 240, SPN 361, SPN 445

Greg Lewis
Associate Professor of Biology

Training: Ph.D., Ecology+Evolutionary Biology, Cornell
Interests: Ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, watershed studies
Courses: BIO 342, BIO 424

Angélica Lozano-Alonso
Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures 

Training:  Ph.D., Romance Studies, Cornell 
Interests: Latin American Literature, 20th-Century Mexico, Latino Literatures 
Courses: FYW 1185, SPN 210, SPN 361, SPN 460 (Writing Women into Mexican History), LAS 470

Kristy Maher
Professor of Sociology

Training:  Ph.D., Sociology, Yale 
Interests: global health inequalities, access to care issues, health disparities, gender 
Course: SOC 260
Visit Dr. Maher's website

Adrián Massei
Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures 

Training: Ph.D., Spanish, Iowa 
Interests: Latin American Literature 
Courses: SPN 361, SPN 440, SPN 460 (Dissidence in Latin American Literature)

Joe Pollard
Rose J. Forgione Professor of Biology

Training: Ph.D., Botany, Cambridge 
Interests: Plant ecology, including field research in Puerto Rico 
Courses: BIO 342, BIO 424

Brian Siegel
Professor of Religion

Training: Ph.D., Anthropology, Wisconsin 
Course: ANT 201, Mayan Archeology   
Visit Dr. Siegel's website

Diane Vecchio
Professor of History

Training: Ph.D., History, Syracuse 
Interests: Immigration 
Course: HST 233
Visit Dr. Vecchio's website

Carolyn Watson
Professor of Art

Training: Ph.D., Art History, North Carolina 
Course: ART 260

Wade Worthen
Professor of Biology

Training: Ph.D., Ecology, Rutgers 
Interests: community ecology, biodiversity 
Course: BIO 342
Visit Dr. Worthen's website    

LAS Faculty News

Dr. Lozano-Alonso and Dr. Cass publish articles in US Latino/a journal

Lozano Alonso's "How to Redesign the Chicana Image: Serros’s How to Be a Chicana Role Model, the Internet and Popular Culture" and Cass's "Imagining Cuba in Hijuelos's A Simple Habana Melody" appeared in the Spring 2012 and Fall 2012 volumes of Label Me Latina/o: Journal of Twentieth and Twenty-First US Latino Production. 

Dr. Ching hard at work on three book projects

with Hector Lindo of Fordham University, Modernizing Minds in El Salvador: Education Reform and the Cold War, 1960-1980. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2012. 

Authoritarian El Salvador: Politics and the Origins of the Military Regimes, 1840-1940. Under review at the University of Notre Dame Press. Based largely on government documents housed in the National Archive in El Salvador, this study looks at the orgins of the first military regime in El Salvador (1931-1944) and argues that it functioned more similarly than differently with past regimes. Thus the manuscript advances an argument of continuity, laying the groundwork for better understanding how the miltiary then proceeded to stay in power for the next fifty years, until the outbreak of civil war in 1980.

Remembering the Civil War in El Salvador: Memoir, Testimonial and the Narratives of Conflict. A manuscript project underway during sabbatical leave 2011-2012.  

Dr. Bost publishes two articles

"Memory Symbolics in Chile: Manuel Guerrero Antequera, Cultural Memory and Political Consciousness," is set to appear in the spring 2012 issue of A Contracorriente: A Journal of Social History and Literature in Latin America

Dr. Bost is currently at work on a research project that will examine the role of the new Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos in Santiago, Chile, as a living memorial of the "desaparecidos" during Pinochet's rule. 

Dr. Pollard and students conduct research in Puerto Rico

In July 2010, Joe Pollard conducted research in Puerto Rico, with Furman students Catherine Stone, Lia Campbell, and Nadia Shamsedin. They were studying plants that accumulate abnormally high amounts of nickel, from soils in the Susúa State Forest. In June 2011, Pollard, Campbell, and Stone traveled to Coimbra, Portugal to present their work at the International Conference on Serpentine Ecology.

Dr. Friis publishes article on contemporary Mexican poet Blanco

The article, titled "Una telaraña de constelaciones: Alberto Blanco's Poetry of Communion," is set to appear in Revista de Literatura Mexicana Contemporánea.

Dr. Kearns wins major service learning award

Congratulations to Sofia Kearns, who received the SC Commission on Higher Education Service Learning Award for 2010 in the Independent Collages category for "TESOL support through a Latin American civilization class".

Dr. Cass publishes article on Cuban Abolitionist novel

The study, titled "Deciphering Sedition in Sab: Avellaneda's Transient Engagement with Abolitionism," appeared in Romance Quarterly 57.3 (2010): 183-204. 

Dr. Bost publishes article on recent García Márquez autobiography

The article, titled "García Márquez and Gaitán: Vivir para contarla and the Personalization of History," appeared in The Latin Americanist 54.1 (March 2010).

Drs. Bost, Fraser, and Lozano-Alonso publish book chapters in Understanding Latin America

The latest (fourth) edition of the seminal Understanding Latin America includes chapters on politics (Fraser) and literature (Bost and Lozano-Alonso). 

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