Class of 2014

Name: Brian Boda 
Hometown: Marietta, Ga

Major: Political Science
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements:
 Student Government Association, College Republicans, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Men of Distinction Peer Mentoring, Men's Chorale, Furman Triathlon Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Quaternion Club.
Interests/Passions: Politics, Hiking, Camping, Cycling, Running, Swimming, Studying International Relations, North Korea, the French Language, Botany, Furman University.
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: During Junior Achievement while watching my kindergarteners' eyes light up when we uncovered the damp paper towel to show them the root system growing from the Lima bean seed. Meeting the new Freshmen during their Shucker Orientation. 

Alexandra Cross (Alex)
Hometown: Bristol, TN
Major: Health Science
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Heller Service Corp (Student Director), SGA (Senior Class Pres), Senior Order, ODK, RUF Leadership Team, Shucker Leadership Institute, Furman Ambassador, Furman Farm
Interests/Passions: Sustainable agriculture, folk music, literature & poetry, long-distance running, nutrition, travel, anything and anyone British

Name: Ryan Ernstes
Hometown: Marietta, GA
Major: Biology
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Orientation Staff, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Beta Beta Beta, Phi Eta Sigma, Volunteering for various organizations
Interests/Passions: The outdoors, international travel, running, and being active. I am a passionate advocate that everyone can make an impact for a cause that is meaningful to them, and I hope to work on large scale community health issues as a career!
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Looking back on all the involved, passionate students I met in the New Fellows program my freshman year, and seeing how our friendships have developed now.

Name: Maddison Leigh Hall 
Hometown: Fort Mill, South Carolina 
Major: Political Science and Philosophy 
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Mock Trial, Admissions Ambassadors, Greek Life (Pi Chi), Riley Institute Advance Team 
Interests/Passions: improving the quality of public education, women's rights/gender equality, international aid/global development policies

Name: Rhodes Hambrick
Hometown: Georgetown, Kentucky
Major: Biochemistry, Pre-Med
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Heller Service Corps, Furman University Bands (Trombone - Paladin Regiment Marching Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble), Pi Kappa Phi, Shucker Leadership Institute, Global Issues Forum, Furman Peer Advivsors, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, American Chemical Society, Volunteer at the Greenville Free Medical Clinic, Mere Christianity Forum, Building Tomorrow, Volunteer ESOL Tutor, International Connections Program, CATALYST Tutor for the Chemistry Department
Interests/Passions: Exploring the causes and consequences of health inequalities, social justice, liberation theology, inorganic photochemistry, volunteerism/servant leadership, exploring those instances wherein academia intersects with and is impactful within the "real world," cancer (its etiology and new, particularly epigenetic, therapies for it), deconstructing social conventions and pretense, probability and statistics (and in particular systematic misconceptions of them), cognitive biases more generally, feminism and female empowerment, marriage equality, efforts to promote equality in education, proportionate universalism, finding ways to affirm people even when I find them distasteful, pragmatic solidarity, optimism tempered by common sense (or perhaps realism spun with a whiff of the idealistic), understanding the long-term implications of systematized disenfranchisement (e.g., institutionalized racism), the social construction of meaning and reality, the multifactorial and mind-boggling process that is human development, photography, mutually fulfilling and stimulating conversation, speaking and reading Spanish, running and biking, art as a means of social change, evocative oratory, negotiating and explaining complex topics, being excited merely just to be alive...the list could go on!

Name: Madilene Nicolle Lake
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia (specifically Roswell!)
Major: Communication Studies - focusing in Marketing, Sales, and Advertising Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Panhellenic Executive Council, Writer for the Paladin Newspaper, On Campus Research - Marketing 
Interests/Passions: Helping people really understand, and then reach, their personal potential by understanding and then utilizing their strengths!
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: I had the opportunity to attend two leadership conferences through SLI. Having the opportunity to learn about myself as well as learn from others was a life changing experience!

Justin Rizzi 
Hometown: Austin, Texas 
Major: Economics
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Founder and President of the Men's Club Basketball team, and Resident Assistant 
Interests/Passions: Helping people realize their goals and dreams, experiencing new things, and growing as an individual. 
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: My sophomore year, I led a "South Carolina Can Go" day at Greenville High School. My goal was to help Seniors wade through the complicated college application process and submit their applications on time. Since many of the students were first generation undergraduates, this experience was especially fulfilling and rewarding since I was able to make a positive impact on their lives.

Name: Katie Smithgall
Hometown: Bozeman, Montana 
Major: Economics and Communications Studies, Pre-Law
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Alpha Delta Pi (President), Student Alumni Council (Social Chair), Admissions Ambassador, Studio Lab Consultant, Shucker Leadership Institute, Furman Economics Society, Lambda Pi Eta (Vice President), Economics Tutor, Phi Eta Sigma 
Interests/Passions: I love meeting new people, being outdoors, and discovering new ways of doing old things through my various leadership positions. Leadership is essentially my passion--being involved and understanding the ins and outs of different organizations so that I can ultimately make a difference. 
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Learning about my leadership strengths and weaknesses at our Strengths Quest workshop.

Lee Weiland 
Hometown: Dallas, Texas 
Major: Political Science 
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Senior Class Vice President, Tri Delta Activities Chair, Paladin staff writer, Catholic Campus Ministries, and Shucker Leadership Institute 
Interests/Passions: I am interested in helping create a more politically and globally aware environment particularly in younger generations. I enjoy traveling, reading, journalism, and running!

Name: John Michael Worsham
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia
Major: Sustainability Science
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Sigma Nu Fraternity, Men's Club Soccer, Shi Center Student Fellow
Interests/Passions: Solving problems and helping people live and work together in a healthy, dynamic environment.

Class of 2015

Name: Natalia Arenas

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

Major: Political Science and Chinese Studies

Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Furman Presidential Aides, Admissions Ambassadors, Chi Omega, Orientation Staff, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa

Interests/Passions: I am passionate about youth leadership and student involvement. I enjoy getting to know people and hearing their stories. I love learning about what motivates people to wake up every single morning. I like to spend my free time relaxing with my family, traveling, running, or cooking.

Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Stepping into the role as the 2012-2013 Student Director and getting to restructure the model of the program. Through this process, I grew closer with individual Shucker fellows and was able to really put all the leadership skills I had gained in the Shucker Leadership Institute to the test.

(Not Pictured)

Name: AJ Calhoun

Major: Political Science and Urban StudiesHometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, SGA Furman Refresh Committee, Orientation Staff, Admissions Ambassador, Mere Christianity Forum, FU TV WPLS Radio, Reformed University Fellowship, Civil Discourse Task Force, Freshman Blogger, Presidential Staff Special Projects, TEDxFurmanU, Furman Creative Collaborative, 4x4 Challenge, Pi Kappa Phi

Interests/Passions: Helping people understand, explore, and leverage their inherent creativity.

Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: organizing Furman's first TEDx event for my passion project sophomore year.

Name: Kelly Cercy

Hometown: North Augusta, South Carolina

Major: Mathematics

Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Frazee Dream Center Volunteer, Mentor at Berea Middle School, Admissions Ambassadors, Dance Marathon, TEDxFurmanU, Delta Delta Delta, Orientation Staff, Reformed University Fellowship, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon

Interests/Passions: I am incredibly passionate about community. The change in heart and perspective one can receive from merely taking the chance to talk to someone and truly listen is awesome! I think it is crucially important while here at Furman to invest one's self off campus, in the Greenville community, just as much as on campus.

Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Through Shucker I had the incredible opportunity to attend The Leadershape Institute the summer after my freshman year. The Institute's two core ideas are leading with integrity and disregarding the impossible. It was definitely an eye-opening experience and has affected the way I lead and think about leadership today!

(Not Pictured)

Name: Austin Charles
Hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC

Major: History and Asian Studies 

Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: SLI, SGA, Heller Service Corps, Student Conduct Appeals Board, Task Force on Civility, Martial Arts Instuctor, Yoga Instructor, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

Interests/Passions: Sharing yoga with those familiar and new to the practice

Name: Luke Christie

Hometown: Due West, SC

Major: Communication Studies

Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Executive Producer, FTV-2 (Furman's student television network); Service Chair, Kappa Alpha Order; Shucker Leadership Institute; Presbyterian Student Association; President's Task Force on Civil Discourse (2012-2013)

Passions/Interests: Writing and discovering/developing innovative ways to communicate messages of positive change

Favorite Shucker Experience: Leading the Junior Achievement program for elementary school kids with two of my Shucker classmates, one of whom later became one of my roommates.

(Not Pictured)

Name: Ian Davis

Hometown: Warren, NJ

Major: Business

Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Heller Service Corps., Economics Society, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity

Interests/Passions:  I have a passion for football and other sports that generally keep me active. I am pursuing degrees in Business Administration and Economics, with a concentration in Finance. I have worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Lincoln Financial Group and Verizon Communications. Interested in careers within Financial Services and Investments.

Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Whitewater Rafting in Charlotte, NC.

(Not Pictured)

Name: Sarah Katherine DeVenny

Hometown: Lancaster, South Carolina

Major: Sociology

Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, CARE for AIDS, Pi Chi 2013-2014, Riley Institute Advance Team, Orientation Staff, Furman Admissions Ambassador

Interests/Passions: Equality, Education, Helping others

Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Gaining relationships with my Shucker Class during the Freshman year that challenge me to become a stronger, brighter, more passionate individual.


Name: Sarah Felmly
Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina
Major: Business and Asian Studies
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, FUSAB, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority
Interests/Passions: I love learning about international trade relations, consumer-based product companies, and studying Mandarin Chinese. My interests include world religions and ceramics.

Name: Maria Morrison
Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania 
Major: Education
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Greek life, Phi Eta Sigma Officer, Individualized Curriculum Committee, Furman For Animal Rights, Humane Society of Greenville, Volunteering at Greenville County Schools particularly for children with disabilities.
Interests/Passions: Traveling, Tennis, Macrophotography, being a positive influence, and enhancing the educational system in the United States.

Name: Matt Phillips
Hometown: Charleston, WV
Major: Neuroscience, Classics
Involvements: Neurobiology Research (focusing on ADHD), Shucker Leadership Institute, Standing Faculty Committee for Academic Discipline, SHARP Board Representative, International Orientation Staff, International Connections Liaison, Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, Collaborative Neuroscience Society, Academic Assistance Program Tutor, Student collaborator with APSARD (American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders), Daniel McBrayer United.
Interests/Passions: Science in all of its forms, exploring the government-industry-academia relationship (e.g. Cures Acceleration Network), the improvement of opportunity for/quality of scientific education in America, the reconstruction of early scientific education in America, the improvement of safe, efficient, and effective treatment options presented to patients with cognitive/neurological disorders (including diagnostics, counseling, and pharmacotherapy), the deconstruction of cognitive biases in society, the modernization of library infrastructure/open source academic journals, and the improvement of cross-field academic communication and collaboration. Also, tennis, kayaking, rock-climbing, various theatrical/musical pursuits, and random zoology.
Favorite Shucker Experience: The general experience of working with, learning with, and progressing with such a close-knit and diverse network of highly motivated, passionate, brilliant, and interesting individuals.

Name: Caitlin Vaka
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Major: Political Science & Philosophy with a minor in Poverty Studies
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, SHARP Committee, Furman University Dance Marathon, Delta Delta Delta, Riley Institute, Phi House, former Hall Staff Member
Interests/Passions: I'm interested in international education systems and public policy. I am really passionate about helping children and people achieve their fullest potential. I love working with and talking to people and love being involved! I have kind of a wide range of interests from sports to art (especially painting, printmaking and photography) and kind of everything in between!

Name: Jenny Warnken
Hometown: Naples, FL
Major: Biology and Sustainability Science
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Presidential Aides, Delta Delta Delta, RUF
Interests/Passions: Marine mammal training and sea turtle conservation; Teaching others about the importance of wildlife habitat preservation
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Creating Dance Marathon with Kelly Cercy and Caitlin Vaka

Class of 2016


Name: Sami Alkoutami

Hometown: Hickory, NC
Major: Biology 
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements Shucker Leadership Institute, Furman Ambassador, Club Swimming, Club Soccer, FU Cancer, and Club Frisbee
Interests/PassionsBeing involved in Greenville's leading role in cancer research. 
Favorite Shucker Experience or MemoryMeeting Michael Cullivan, a lawyer in Greenville, SC, who showed great interest in helping my family's escape from the violence that has engulfed Syria. Taking time away from his schedule, Mr. Cullivan still asks about my family's situation and their immigration papers. If it was not for Shucker I would not have had the opportunity to meet Mr. Cullivan and be a step closer in securing the safety of my family.

Name: Jamie Brill
Hometown: Aiken, South Carolina
Major: Health Sciences
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Relay for Life (Committee Chair), Freshman Resident Assistant 2013-2014, Legacy Charter Middle School After School Tutoring and Enrichment Program Teacher, Alpha Delta Pi, Campus Outreach, Childcare Provider
Interests/Passions: I love running, gymnastics, soccer, and skydiving. More importantly, my passions include striving to make an impact in the lives of those around me. I love being able to use my own strengths to help others find theirs. I also love to encourage others and make people feel special by doing small, thoughtful acts of kindness. I have the opportunity to do these things in my daily life, whether it be at school being a good student, classmate, teammate, and friend; at home being a good daughter, sister, friend, and babysitter; or at my work - Legacy Charter Middle School where I get to encourage children everyday and help them to see their own potential. I hope to continue to encourage children as I pursue a career in Pediatric Occupational Therapy.
Favorite Shucker Experience/Memory: I enjoyed participating in the ropes course trip with Shucker at the beginning of freshman year. It was a bonding experience to say the least!

Name: Jordan Brown
Hometown: Gastonia, North Carolina
Major: Mathematics
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Mock Trial, Mathematics Department, Math Tutoring, Wesley Fellowship, and Student Conduct Board
Interests/Passions: Math, Swimming, Mock Trial, Community Service, Outdoors, and Boy Scouts
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: New Fellows Retreat at the UNCC Ropes Course

Name: Brian Buehler
Hometown: Wooster, Ohio 
Major: Biology w/ pre-med
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Furman Ambassador, pi kappa phi, and volunteering with Heller.
Interests/Passions: entrepreneurial pursuits, helping others, physical fitness, esports, cooking, sociology, chemistry/biology.
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Just getting to know a lot of different faces around campus before even really joining up with anything else.

Name: Hannah Browne
Major: Biology
Extracurricular Activities: Shucker Leadership Institute, Operation Smile, Pre-Health (AED), and Volunteering at Local Hospital 
Interests/ Passions: Operation Smile, volunteering/serving and helping others, traveling, and meeting new people
Favorite Shucker Experience: Going out into the community with another fellow to re-paint a woman's porch

Name: Regan Cormak
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Major: History with a Film Studies Minor
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Delta Delta Delta, First-Year Advisor for Furman Housing and Residence Life, Furman Dance Marathon Executive Committee
Interests/Passions: Developing relationships and getting involved and pursuing the vast opportunities around me.
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Bonding with my Shucker Fellows Class at the New Fellows Retreat.

(Not Pictured)
Name: Lizzie Dockery
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Major: Theatre Arts
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Social Chair of OFT (the Order of Furman Theatre), Delta Delta Delta, Dance Marathon PR committee. 
Interests/Passions: I am passionate about people and seek to connect with people both on and off campus through the arts (specifically theatre and music), through volunteer work, and of course through student leadership opportunities. 
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: During the bus ride back from our retreat, I remember sitting there listening to several different conversations between students buzzing around me. One was about politics, one was about theatre, one was about world travel, one was about service opportunities. And I just remember thinking "Wow. These are the coolest people I've ever met. I'm so excited to get to know these students; these are the real doers."

Name: Kyle Duke
Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina
Major: Neuroscience 
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Furman Ambassador, Kappa Alpha Order, Furman Men's Lacrosse Manager
Interests/Passions: Anything involving music, playing piano, hockey and lacrosse, backpacking, boating, skiing, traveling, being outside, meeting new people
Favorite Shucker Experience: The ropes course trip we took at the beginning of Freshman year

Name: Bianca Forte
Hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC
Major: Health Sciences/Pre-nursing

Extracurricular Activities/ Involvements: Resident Assistant, Shucker Leadership Institute, Student Assistant Director of Shucker Leadership Institute (2013), Student Director of the Shucker Leadership Institute (2014), Coordinator for Furman’s Red Cross College Club, Vice President for Furman’s Red Cross College Club, Alpha Delta Pi member.
Interests/Passions: I love to inspire others, to help make a difference, and to help others believe in themselves through service and leadership.  I like to spend my free time relaxing with my friends and family, traveling, and taking part in community service projects.
Favorite Shucker Experience: Having the role of Assistant Student Director for 2012-2013 has been one of my favorite experiences with Shucker because it gave me the opportunity to work so closely with the New Fellows. I really enjoy listening to their stories and learning who they really are. It is an incredible experience.

Name: Bridget Lorenz
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Major: Neuroscience Pre-med
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Furman Ambassador, Student Assistant to the Admission Office, Tri Delta, Volunteer at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Academic Discipline Committee, Collaborative Neuroscience Society
Interests/Passions: Outside of my extracurricular involvements, I enjoy blogging and food photography, and I have my own baking blog called Sprinkle Charms. I also enjoy distance running and have completed several half marathons and a marathon. I enjoy working with children, and I hope to have a career in pediatric medicine.

Name: Alecia Nichols
Hometown: Chesterfield, Virginia
Majors: Chinese Studies and Spanish
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Furman University Outdoors Club, Shucker Leadership Institute, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Furman Gospel Ensemble, and the Hispanic Organization for Learning and Awareness
Interests/Passions: Interacting with people from different cultures, especially crossing the language barrier in order to gain insight and understanding about different ways of life.
Favorite Shucker Experience: The StrengthsQuest assessment; it really helped me define my leadership style.

Name: Nathan Thompson
Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Major: Economics, Political Science
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Bell Tower Boys, Mock Trial, Student Government, Hall Staff, FCA
Interests/Passions: Foreign policy and conflict resolution; playing the piano; running; reading

Karlee Wroblewski
Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Major: Chemistry and Chinese
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Poinsett Project, Volunteering at Greenville Middle Schools, and the Ronald McDonald House
Interests/Passions: Allowing people to look at the world with a global perspective and to understand that even the smallest action can make the biggest difference.
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: The New Fellows Shucker retreat in the Fall of 2012 allowed me to meet so many new people and to get excited about the possibilities  of what Shucker members can accomplish together.


Name:Athina Danai Agakidou
Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece
Major:  Biochemistry
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Heller Service Corps
Interests/Passions: Singing and playing music, and everything about musical theater. Learning about international relations and global affairs, female empowerment. Organizing events, exploring the world of cooking, exploring the world by traveling, communicating with people and learning about their background (everyone has a unique story to share!)
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: When our group fell during the ropes course and had to get up again all together, 20 feet in the air.

Name:Olivia Baddley

Name:Kate Causey
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Major: Math, Spanish, and Pre-Health
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Mere Christianity Forum, STEM Mentor Program, Reformed United Fellowship, Furman University Outdoor Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society
Interests/Passions: I am passionate about the education of children in math, science, and technology; relationships of mutual encouragement and challenges to faith and belief; making Furman University the best it can be; and sharing love and support through the provision of medical treatment to those who cannot afford health care nationally and abroad.
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: I loved getting to know my peer Shucker Fellows and spending time together on the New Fellows retreat.

Name:Reed Chisenhall

Name:Molly Clark 

Name:Chelsey Dawson
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Major: Political Science and Communications with a Pre-Law Focus
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Mock Trial, Furman Futures and Catholic Campus Ministry
Interests/Passions: Making the world a more just place, and women's rights
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Conquering my fear of heights while working through the High Ropes Course on the New Fellows Retreat

Name:Andrew Emerson

Name:Helen Fite
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Major: Political Science/ Public Policy
Extra Curricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute
Interests/Passions: American Government, Basketball and Making a Difference
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: The Retreat! The high ropes course was so exciting

Name:Katie Foster 
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Major: Undecided, History
Extracurricular Activities: Shucker Leadership Institute, Furman Tournament Club Tennis Team, Townes Scholarship volunteering at A Child's Haven and Heller Service Corps
Interests/Passions: To discover how serving Greenville illuminates purpose for my life
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: meeting Mrs. Rollins as she slid into victory during an activity at the Shucker New Fellows Retreat

Name:Kjersti Kleine
Hometown: Cary, North Carolina
Major: Pre-Medicine and Health Sciences
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Freshmen Blogger, Furman Futures Ambassador Program, and America Reads/America Counts Tutoring Program
Interests/Passions: Inspiring youth to be passionate about local issues and sharing my experiences with other people to inspire them to achieve their goals
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Attending the Shucker etiquette dinner with all of the Shucker Fellows

Name:Jai-Ryung Lee 

Name:Natasha Lushina
Hometown: Ryazan, Russia
Major: Economics
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Junior Achievement, Club Tennis, Legacies Peer Mentor Program, Furman Economics Society, Furman University International Students Association.
Interests/Passions: Traveling, hiking, rock climbing, cycling, meeting new people, volunteering and making a difference in the lives of others. 
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Working as a team at the rope course Shucker Retreat.

Name:Mehmood Mallick 

Name:Erin Mellor
Hometown: Irvine, California
Major: Undecided
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, FUSAB, Reformed University Fellowship
Interests/Passions: Writing, Running, Meeting New People, Hiking, Reading, Learning, Literature & Poetry, Travel, Education, Leadership

Name:Daniel Monteith​ 
Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina
Major: Physics
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Furman Singers
Interests/Passions: Running, cycling, math, helping to make the world a better place
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Ropes course retreat

Name:Karina Nazareth
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Major: Undecided
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Reformed University Fellowship, Furman University Outdoors Club
Interests/Passions: I love to volunteer, whether it is with the elderly in a retirement home or with young impoverished children in both local and international areas. Traveling is another passion of mine because I am able to immerse myself in new cultures.
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: I really enjoyed getting to know the other New Fellows in the New Fellows Retreat

Name:Emilee O'Brien

Name:Kathryn Painter 

Name:Kamber Parker
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland 
Major: Undecided 
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Furman Futures, Jewish Student Association, Club Soccer 
Interests/Passions: Working with children, rebuilding facilities that are a useful part of a community 
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: The Freshmen Fellows Retreat!

Name:Alli Peipert
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Major: Psychology, Spanish
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: Shucker Leadership Institute, Furman University Outdoor Club, Furman Symphony Orchestra
Interests/Passions: Working with underprivileged youth, advocating for equality, music, and the outdoors.
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Making it to the top of the ropes course at UNC Charlotte, despite my fear of heights!

Name:Jackson Perry 

Name:Hayden Rudd

Name:Ann Sisson
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama 
Major: Biology
Extracurricular Activities/Involvement: Shucker Leadership Institute, Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field 
Interests/Passions: Making a difference to those who are less fortunate, teaching English in a small school in Panama, Central America, being a leader to everyone. 
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Conquering the ropes course with all the other Freshman Fellows!

Name:​Emma Zyriek 
Hometown: Bel Air, MD
Major: Political Science and Religion
Extracurricular Activities/Involvements: EROS, Heller Service Corps, Women's Chorale, College Republicans, Shucker Leadership Institute, Voice Studio, Trevor Project Youth Advisory Council
Interests/Passions: LGBTQ Activism, vocal performance, interfaith dialogue, government transparency reform, suicide and bullying prevention, hiking and biking, international relations
Favorite Shucker Experience or Memory: Conquering my fears on the high ropes course during the Shucker fall retreat.

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