OLLI Bonus Trips and Events Furman University

Bonus Trip Cancellation Policy: Any cancellations within 48 hours of an event or no shows by members for the special one-day events will be charged $25 by OLLI.

OLLI Bonus Trips and Events –Winter 2013

BTE1111, Carolina Manufacturing - Greenville

Carolina Manufacturing, aka "The Bandanna Company," was founded in 1947 and today is the largest producer and distributor of bandannas (some surprisingly high-tech) in the U.S. By having production facilities in this country they have been able to develop a successful business model focused on rapid response to customer demand at low cost, which gives them a competitive edge over foreign producers in this niche market. www.carolinamfg.com

Friday, January 18, 10 a.m.—noon, Limit 15 Coordinated by Jim Smeaton.

BTE1125, Greenville Design Review Board - Design Criteria & What's Coming Next

Planners come from all over the country to see how Greenville has achieved its remarkable transformation. With the Design Review Board, participants will take a step back in history, and will be given a glimpse of what the future holds for the City. Learn about the city's design criteria for new buildings and engage in a lively question and answer session with the two people who are at the center of it all, the Design Review Board Chairman and the Manager of the Greenville Design Review Board. Friday, January 18, 9:30 a.m.—11:30 a.m., Limit 30

Coordinated by Sonya Hammond.

BTE1135, Crank, Ice, Speed and Meth Labs: What & Where are They?

Unfortunately, we read too often in the news these days about 'meth labs'. But just what is a meth lab, and why is it important for us to know about them? This talk will cover the history, use and abuse of methamphetamine and the operation of meth labs.

Friday, January 25, 1—3 p.m., Limit 50

Coordinated by John Miodowski.

BTE1142, The Children's Museum of the Upstate

The Children's Museum is another one of Greenville's success stories that emerged from a vision, and was fueled by determination and collaboration. OLLI members will hear the history and will be treated to a tour and the opportunity for hands-on experiences in the 79,000 square foot facility. When faced with the wonderful array of experiments, 'toys' and interactive displays, we are all children at heart. The Museum's mission is to ignite a passion for learning and to empower all children to reach their full potential.

Friday, January 25, 10 a.m.—noon, Limit 30

Coordinated by Fay Choban.

BTE1126, A Tour of the Kroc Center

We will tour the facility and hear about the history of this unique facility. The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center brings excitement to Greenville, SC. The state of the art facility is the only one of its kind in the Carolinas. The facility, grounds, program, and people are here to provide all of the Greenville area community access to opportunities in an uplifting and welcoming atmosphere. In keeping with the mission of The Salvation Army, The Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center provides facilities, programs and services that encourage positive life-changing experiences for children and adults, strengthen families, and enrich the lives of seniors. A sack lunch at minimal cost will be provided for those who wish.

Friday, February 1, 10:30 a.m.—noon, Limit 25

Coordinated by May Welborn.

BTE1105, Inside the New Peace Center

You may have attended a performance at the Peace Center, but this tour will take you back stage with engaging explanations and discussion. The Peace Center is referred to as a 'jewel' by many of its top-name performers. It has recently undergone a multi-million dollar renovation. OLLI members will be treated to a full tour of the Peace Center, including behind the scenes, and into all the new spaces. See Genevieve's Patron Lounge, the waterwall, the expanded TD Stage and more. The tour will be conducted by the House Manager, Charles McAfee. There will be an optional pre-tour lunch at the Lazy Goat, 12 noon.

Friday, February 1, 1:30—3 p.m., Limit 25

Coordinated by Helen Smith.

BTE1116 Proterra - Greenville

Founded in 2004 and located in Greenville since 2010, Proterra has become the leading innovator of zero-emission commercial vehicle solutions with the launch of their fast charge EcoRide™ BE35 battery electric bus "the bus of tomorrow." The current manufacturing facility has the capacity to assemble 400 busses per year and the company plans to expand operations significantly in the future as the market for "clean," energy-efficient transit grows with rising diesel fuel prices. www.proterra.com/index.php

Friday, February 1, 10 a.m.—noon, Limit 30

Coordinated by Jim Smeaton.

BTE1195 Bonsai - Its Origins & Up-close Demonstration

Bonsai literally means "tree in a pot". This three hour learning experience is designed to equip the participants with a basic understanding of the art of bonsai and the skills necessary to get started. We will walk through bonsai history and the steps of taking a ground juniper from a garden pot and through trimming, wiring, and repotting in bonsai soil to create the appearance of an old tree. Bonsai can be a wonderful life-long hobby but requires training and patience. The instructor is a trained wildlife biologist and an award-winning bonsai specialist with over 35 years' experience. Materials Fee: $5 (for cost of demonstration materials)

Friday, February 8, 9 a.m.—noon, Limit 20

Coordinated by Sonya Hammond.

BTE1103 Maintaining a Healthy Pet - New Medical Technologies

Dr. Katy Marshall is one of two vets at Poinsett Animal Hospital where dogs and cats are treated. Dr. Marshall will speak about new technologies for detection and treatment, common illnesses, and common accidents. She will also speak about the new dental x-ray and ultrasound. She will also address the positive effect that pets can have on their owners. The last topic will be about how veterinary medicine has changed in the current economic situation. Dr. Marshall will be happy to take questions at the end of her talk.

Friday, February 8, 11 a.m.—noon, Limit 30

Coordinated by Jann Howell.

BTE1130, A.J. Whittenberg Elementary School for Engineering - Greenville

This is not the school we remember as children (or as parents of children). This is the only elementary school in SC, and one of a handful in the nation, to offer an engineering curriculum. This is where education is being reinvented, with cutting edge technology and innovative teaching methods employed in partnership with local industry. Academic performance is among the best in the county although 90% of students within the attendance area qualify for free or reduced lunch. No wonder out-of-area parents camp-out for days to register their children at this school. www.greenville.k12.sc.us/ajw

Friday, February 15, 10 a.m.—noon, Limit 30

Coordinated by Jim Smeaton.

BTE1101 Verona - Wines and Food of Love

The land of Romeo and Juliet provides wines associated with romance for this post- Valentine's Day Celebration. Let's extend Valentine's Day at one of OLLI members' favorite venues (211 E. Broad St., Greenville). You must register with OLLI, and ALSO you must call Northampton Wines (864-271-3919) to reserve your seat by pre-paying the total cost of $32.40. Calls will be accepted after December 6. Request a reservation for the February 15th OLLI luncheon. OLLI members only please.

Friday, February 15, noon—1:30 p.m., Limit 48

Coordinated by Elaine Brummett.

BTE1174, Dream a Little Dream with Me

This course is designed to give participants some insight into their own dreams. Dreams can be used to gain new skills for enhancing one's life and reducing stress. The course will be a combination of lecture and student participation. Students will learn about the genesis of their dreams, the interfaith aspects of spirituality in dreams, and the conscious and unconscious. Dreams will be discussed in a safe and stress-free environment. Participants are asked to bring a written dream. Mary McGee, the instructor will also explain how we can apply dream learning to our waking lives.

Friday, February 22, 1:30—3:30 p.m., Limit 36

Coordinated by Sonya Hammond.

BTE1141, The World's Greatest Structures, Part 2

This is the second part of the course offered in the Fall, 2012. The class will view part of the Great Courses DVD series, with discussion by a professor of civil engineering. He will explain construction of various types of bridges and metal framed buildings, including their design strengths and weaknesses. The DVD includes video of a bridge failure due to high wind. The photos and demonstrations are interesting as well as informative.

Friday, February 22, 12:30—3 p.m., Limit 50

Coordinated by Elaine Brummett.

BTE1175, "Know Before You Go" - to the Hospital

Quality patient care improvement is a goal that all hospitals pursue. There are several "quality" rating measures available – some free, some requiring a subscription. What do the various quality ratings really mean? How can a patient use this information to guide their care location decisions? What are the questions a patient should ask and for which they should expect an answer?

Friday, March 1, 1:30—3:30 p.m., Limit 30

Coordinated by Carole McKee.

BTE1136, United States Postal System - Greenville

We will visit the main distribution center just off Mauldin Road south of Greenville where high technology equipment and systems routinely process over two million letters a shift. In addition to observing plant operations we will learn how the USPS is leveraging technology to more efficiently serve wider geographical areas. This center currently serves Greenville and Spartanburg with the prospect of adding other nearby metro areas in the future.

Friday, March 1, 10 a.m.—noon, Limit 30

Coordinated by Jim Smeaton.

BTE1180, American Art: A Sampler

Join in a lively discussion of America art with Martha R. Severens, curator for the Greenville County Museum of Art for 17 years prior to her recent retirement. Paintings, sculpture and photographs elucidate who we are and from where we have come. A selection of these will be presented for this interactive class.

Friday, March 8, 9:30 a.m.—noon, Limit 35

Coordinated by Elaine Brummett.

BTE1152, City Scape Winery

At City Scape Winery, an OLLI favorite, enjoy wine tasting and learn how to make your own wine. City Scape is considered a small-batch winery and produces seasonal wines. City Scape is off US 25 South, located near Happy Cow Creamery. After enjoying wine and light hors d'oeuvres, a visit to Happy Cow for shopping, and Stella's Bistro in Simpsonville is optional. A map and more information will be provided.


Friday, March 8, 11 a.m.—12:30 p.m., Limit 16

Coordinated by Susan Cooper.

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