What to do if you  ....

  • Change my address

      Benefits - Log-in to HRInTouch to change your address with our benefit vendors

      MyFurman - Log-In to myfurman to change your address with the university

      Retirement - Login to TIAA CREF to change your address with our retirement vendor.

  • Get married

      Notify HR of your spouse's name and/or your name change so that records can be updated..

      Consider adding your new spouse to your insurance coverages. You have 30 days from your marriage date to enroll your spouse, or you may wait to enroll him/her during the next annual open enrollment period (for coverage effective on January 1).

  • Birth or adopt a child

      For information about taking time off for the birth/adoption of your child, click on Need Time Away from Work in the Life Event menu.

      Notify HR of your child's name and birth/adoption date, so HR can send out a congratulatory Birth Announcement email.

      Consider adding your child to your insurance coverages. You have 30 days from the birth/adoption date to enroll your child or you may wait to enroll him/her during the next annual enrollment period (coverage effective on January 1).

      Update your beneficiary information on your life insurance and retirement plan if necessary by completing forms available in Human Resources.

      Update your W-4 form for tax purposes by completing a form available in Human Resources and MyFurman.

  • Child going to college

      If your child is covered by your medical or dental insurance, you need to get a statement from the college or university's Registrar's Office stating that your child is enrolled on a full-time basis. This proof of enrollment is required each year.

      Tuition Benefits are available for dependents of full-time faculty and staff. Please see the Human Resources or Financial Aid Office for details. 

      There are Three Options:

      Tuition Exchange: Full tuition exchanges are available through the Associated Colleges of the South and the Tuition Exchange, Inc. For more information, please review the Tuition Exchange FAQ. Forms are available in Admissions, Human Resources, and MyFurman.

      Furman University: full tuition scholarships will be granted to dependents who meet the admission requirements for the undergraduate or graduate programs. Forms are available in Financial Aid, Human Resources and MyFurman.

      Tuition Scholarship: A tuition scholarship is provided to students who attend an accredited undergraduate two-year or four-year college or university as a full-time student. An application must be filed each term. Forms are available in Human Resources and MyFurman.

  • Your child reaches the dependent age limit

      Limit is 26 years old, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in school. Please notify HR within 30 days of your child's birthday that he or she has reached the dependent age limit. Your dependent may elect to continue the insurance coverage under COBRA by paying an additional premium. Your dependent will receive notifications through Flores, our COBRA administrator.

  • Take classes

      Full-time faculty and staff may attend undergraduate and graduate classes at Furman. Contact the Admissions Office for undergraduate; Continuing Education for evening classes; and Graduate Programs for graduate classes.

      Full-time staff who take job-related "for credit" courses at other institutions may be eligible for tuition reimbursement to help with your tuition expenses. Courses must be approved in advance for one to be eligible. Forms are available in Human Resources and MyFurman.

  • Legally separate or divorce

      Notify HR of your legal separation or divorce so that records can be updated. Change your dependents on your insurance coverage (unless you are required to continue coverage by a court order) via the HR InTouch portal, which can be accessed via MyFurman. Update your beneficiary information for your life insurance and retirement plan via MyFurman. Update your W-4 form for tax purposes by completing a form available in Human Resources. 

  • There is a death in your immediate family

      Let Human Resources know of your loss. We recognize that it is hard to lose a loved one, so we notify the Furman family and provide a food tray for you.

      You have up to 3 days of funeral leave available only for your immediate family under the sick leave benefit. Additional days, approved by your supervisor, will be charged to vacation.

      Update your beneficiary information for your life insurance and retirement plan, if applicable. Update your W-4 form for tax purposes.

  • Planning for your financial future

      Take advantage of a supplemental retirement account to invest money for retirement on a tax-deferred basis by completing enrollment on the TIAA-CREF website, accessible through the MyFurman portal.

      Call or visit the local social security office at 110 Frederick Street, Suite A, Greenville, SC 29607 (864) 233-1116.

      Participate in the annual counseling sessions with retirement company representatives and/or attend the group sessions every other year. Human Resources sends out notices about these sessions.


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