Oral Presentations, Performances, and Demonstrations

9:00 A.M. to 10:20 A.M.

  • Art

      Littlejohn Lecture Room, Roe Art Building

      Presentations of Work by Senior Studio Art Majors
      Moderator: Michael Brodeur

      Jenny Cook
      graphic design/installation
      Alison Elliot
      painting/mixed media
      Brittany Harden
      illustration/graphic novel

  • Asian Studies/ Modern Languages and Literatures

      Furman Hall 229

      Caught in Web in China: History, Art, Film, and the Making of Netizens
      Moderator: Harry Kuoshu & Lane Harris

      Charlotte Holt
      Chinese Diaspora in Peru
      Jhanay Williams
      Cyber Museum: Interaction of Social Media and Art in China
      David Dunn
      Internet, Anonymity, and the Human Flesh Search Engine in China
      Rachael Williams
      Anonymity and Self-Censorship in Chinese Netizen Youth Culture

  • Center for Teaching and Learning

      Furman Hall 110

      Sports and Cheating: Pecha Kuchas and Discussion
      Moderator: Diane Boyd

      Kara Alvarez, Ben Beck, Evan De Ycaza, P.J. Fitzgerald, Blake Gastley, Sara Henderson, Caroline Masters, Jonathan Painter, Michael Pollard, Chandler Register, Madison Schoen, Sean Walker

      Students in FYW 144: The Sport of Cheating will present 4 pecha kuchas (brief visual presentations) followed by a student-led panel discussion on cheating, sports, and its ramifications for life.

  • Chemistry

      Patrick Lecture Hall, TSC 126

      Research in Chemistry
      Moderator: TJ Banisaukas

      Jack Felmly
      Electron Spin Resonance Investigation of Matrix Isolated CH6+
      H. Rhodes Hambrick
      Emission Quenching of Cr(III) complexes by Ferrocene: An Investigation into the Chemical Nature and the Molecularity of the Interaction
      Vikram Samant
      Characterization of Polycatonic Biocides Utilizing Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography and Quadrupole Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry
      Clarisse Quandt
      Utilizing heat capacity to understand the competition between netropsin and A/T hook for DNA
      Andrew Kantor
      Investigation of Photoinduced DNA Damage by Cr(III) Complexes as Assessed by PCR, Capillary Gel Electrophoresis, and UPLC-MS

  • English

      Furman Hall 106

      Furman Advantage and Other Internships
      Moderator: Margaret Oakes

      Bryan Betts
      The State
      Stephen Edwards
      Mecham Law Firm
      Alison Moran
      Smoak Public Relations
      Stephanie Reddaway
      Jacob Zimmerman
      13th Circuit Public Defenders Office
      Cynthia Patridge
      Greenville Journal
      LaRhonda McCray
      Smoak Public Relations

  • Health Sciences

      Molnar Lab (at PAC)

      Estimation of Running Velocity Based on Treadmill Speed and Evaluation
      Moderator: Ray Moss

      Heath Burton and Kacie Schoen

  • History

      Furman Hall 107

      Research in History
      Moderator: Tim Fehler

      Ed Anderson
      Old Times There Are Not Forgotten;'Appeals to Myth and History in the Lowcountry's Civil Rights Movement
      Collins Warren
      The Social, Medial, and Personal Responses to the Illnesss of Princess Amelia
      Rene Travis
      Hadrian's Villa
      Julia Pafford
      Black Lines and Swastikas: Homefront Perspectives of World War II Through Popular Maps
      Michael Scholtens
      Colonialism Redefined: Maps As a Tool of Colonial Justification

  • Mathematics

      Riley Hall 107

      Research Projects in Mathematics
      Moderator: Liz Bouzarth

      Daniel Kuzbary and Cassandra Chan
      The NFL Schedule: Investigations of the Colley Inverse
      William Lewis
      Odd-Domination on the Torus: a Solitaire Puzzle
      Rahul Isaac, William Lewis, and Stella Watson
      Fighting Fires with Fighters
      Rahul Isaac, William Lewis, and Stella Watson
      Searching for Optimal Solutions Using Ant Algorithms
      Kelly Cercy
      Math in the City: Parking Optimization in Downtown Greenville
      Maria Barrell, Rahul Isaac, Hannah Vincent, and Stella Watson
      Park smART: Parking Analysis for Greenville's Art District

  • Modern Languages and Literatures

      Burgiss Theatre, Trone Student Center

      Spanish 201 Short Films (class award winners)
      Moderator: Angelica Lozano-Alonso

      Stephanie Carlozzi (presenter), Porter Gratn, Nathan Molterno, McKinsey Payne
      "Despedida de soltera" (7:18)
      Stephen Lukridge (presenter), Rachel Martin, Lacey Porter, Larkidus Robinson
      "No me disimulan" (8:38)
      Greyson Holley (presenter), Emily Martin, Kayla Pike, Sally Tucker
      "El caso del paladin desaparecido" (7:08)
      Melina Bricker, James Hambrick, India Robinson (presenter), Nicolas White
      "El libro" (8:40)
      Kristin Farrar, Emily Gale (presenter), Thomas O'Reilly, Emilia Salgado
      "Short film-Spanish 201" (4:11)
      Kyleigh Dirks, Alex Forrest (presenter), Samual Hobgood
      "Pork rinds" (9:06)

  • Music

      Harper Hall, Daniel Music Building

      Summer Encounters of the Third Scale Degree
      Moderator: Mark Britt

      Ryan Blocker
      Brevard Music Center
      Savannah Taylor
      House Studio (Washington DC)

  • Political Science

      Johns Hall 109

      Issues in American Government
      Moderator: Jim Guth

      Katie Fearington
      Modern-Day Slavery in South Carolina
      Lee Weiland
      Millennial Vote and What it Means to Engage the Youth in Politics and Political Campaigns
      Margaret Locke
      Congressional Consequences of the Tea Party Movement

  • Poverty Studies

      Physical Activities Center (PAC) gymnasium

      Emery Sloan
      Student Protest in India and China
      Xiaoman Dong
      Visions of Communism: India and China Compared
      Christine Gwinn
      Population Control Policies in India and China

  • Psychology

      Johns Hall 201

      Beyond Furman: Psychology Internships
      Moderator: Erin Wamsley

      Callie Washburn
      "Marketing and PR: Behavioral Psychology back on the rise"
      Stephanie Grah
      "New Leaf Behavioral Health"
      Stephanie Grah & Elaine Parr
      "Mental Health America of Greenville County"
      Taylor Logan
      "Applied Behavior Analysis at Hope Reach"
      Kelsey Reed
      "A Child's Haven"
      Katie Davidson
      "Marshal I Pickens Pyschiatric Hospital Internship Fall 2013"
      Sarah Jones
      "School Counseling Internship"

  • Shi Center

      McEachern, Furman Hall 214

      Campus Research and Community Impact: Shi Center for Sustainability Student Fellows
      Moderator: Yancey Fouche

      Alexandra Cross
      Gardening for Good Summer 2013 Fellow
      Emily Hays
      City of Greenville Livability Education Summer 2013 Fellow
      Luke Hetherington
      Place of Peace Docent
      Will McCabe
      Transportation Fellow
      Rex Harrison
      Recycling Fellow
      Kris Hajny
      Assessment Fellow
      Kylie Stackis
      Campus Landscape Fellow
      Michael Rabb
      Full Cost Analysis Fellow
      Callie Yow
      Outreach and Engagement Fellow
      Elisabeth Schatke
      Student Assistant Farm Manager
      Rachel Martin
      Compost Fellow
      Meredith Bendl
      SEEK Fellow/Farm Fellow
      Rob George
      CCC Data Analyst
      Michael Robinson
      Greenville County Rec District Fellow Summer 2013
      Alex Craig
      Sustainability History at Furman Fellow Summer 2013
      John Michael Worsham
      Hispanic Outreach Fellow
      Matthew Morris
      Cothran Center Sustainability Fellow
      Joy Owens
      St. Francis Community Garden Fellow

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