Posters and Exhibits

2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

  • Art
      (ART-2) Brittany Harden
      Internship: Populus

  • Asian Studies
      (AST-2) Jaclyn Olson
      Internship: Virginia Baptist Mission Board

  • Biology
      (BIO-17) Luke Hetherington and Haley Clevenger
      Small-scale habitat preferences of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) and responses to vegetative regrowth after Kudzu removal
      (BIO-18) Alex Panuccio
      Modeling the Mixed-lineage leukemia (MLL1) multi-protein complex in budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

  • Business
      (BUS-3) Payton Sanchez
      Internship: Chesapeake Specialty Products (Baltimore, Maryland)

  • Chemistry
      (CHM-16) Trent Pannell
      Synthesis of Alginate/Conducting Polymer Composites for Fabrication of Tissue Scaffolds
      (CHM-17) Andrew Kropilak
      Synthesis of Halogen Bond Donors for Iodine Transport in Iodine-Rich Electrolytes
      (CHM-18) Catherine Burton
      Electron Spin Resonance Investigation of Matrix Isolated C2H6+
      (CHM-19) Chelsea Jasper
      Investigation of Metal-to-Metal Charge Transfer in Cobalt(III) Ethynylferrocene Complexes
      (CHM-20) Jessica Efird
      Investigating TCR repertoire diversity within the condensin II complex mutation
      (CHM-21) Margaret Caulkins
      Investigating the DNA Binding Behavior of Cr(III) Diimine Systems Capable of Inducing DNA Photooxidation
      (CHM-22) Hudson Tryon
      Oxidation of Hibiscone C towards synthesis of recently discovered Natural Products.
      (CHM-23) Mackenzie Cuthbert
      Development of alternative synthetic routes for the production of resveratrol.

  • Chinese Studies
      (CHN-1) David Rodes
      Internship: Woodruff Middle School, EXCEL program

  • Communication Studies
      (COM-5) Caitlin Russell
      Internship: South Carolina United Methodist Advocate

  • Computer Science
      (CSC-15) Jonathan Mellman
      Internship: Merge Technologies
      (CSC-16) Seth Greenstein
      Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing
      (CSC-17) Zach Hall
      Optimized and Secure Web Pages
      (CSC-18) Adam Underdown
      Cybersecurity Issues

  • Economics
      (ECN-1) Madelin Parks
      Internship: KBW (Richmond, VA)

  • Education
      (EDU-4) Ann Claiborne Ellis
      Internship: Grace Church

  • Health Sciences
      (HSC-12) Lindley Hill and Shelby Rimmler
      The Results of Daily Physical Education on the BMI of African American Middle School Aged Youth: A Longitudinal Analysis
      (HSC-13) Sarah Eidt
      LiveWell Greenville "At the Doctor"

  • ICP
      (ICP-1) Mary Parman
      Internship: Children's Therapy at A Child's Haven

  • Mathematics
      (MTH-6) Hannah Vincent
      Internship: Player Synchronicity: Using Heart Rates to Determine Team Cooperation
      (MTH-7) Rahul Isaac, William Lewis, and Stella Watson
      Fighting Fires with Fighters
      (MTH-8) Andrea Fant and Laura Peckham
      What's in a Ranking?

  • Neuroscience
      (NSC-12) Irravadee Makris
      Cognitive Effects of Sleep Deprivation in College Students
      (NSC-13) Alyssa Althoff
      Effects of Cell-Signaling Pathway Modulation on In Vitro MPC Phenotype and Myotube Formation
      (NSC-14) Harini Vakamudi
      5-HTTLPR polymorphisms and predisposition to anxious and depressive tendencies as measure by blood cortisol and behavioral paradigms

  • Physics
      (PHY-6) Kristina Pardo
      Space-time Geometry Around An Accreting, Spinning Black Hole.
      (PHY-7) James Ranger
      Determination of Doppler Spectra and Velocity Profiles in Flow Channels by a Temporal Modulation Based Laser Speckle Imaging Technique
      (PHY-8) Sidney Dills & Lilly McKinney
      Shock and Awe:  Measuring the Expansion of the Shock Front of Supernova Remnant 1006

  • Political Science
      (PSC-14) Allie Flett
      Internship: Office of Sustainability for the City of Knoxville
      (PSC-15) Emily Judd
      Internship : Fox News - Analyzing Political News
      (PSC-16) Shane Farmer
      Internship: GOProud - Representing Gay Conservatives and their Allies

  • Poverty Studies
      (PVS-15) Hayley Swatzel
      The Influence of Medical-Legal Partnerships on Children's Health
      (PVS-16) Morgan Hobbs
      Overcoming Unemployment in Greater Boston (Career Collaborative): PVS Internship

  • Psychology
      (PSY-6) Rachel Marshall
      Media and Weight Bias: The Role of Food Advertising
      (PSY-7) Tori Stowasser & Vera Wang
      Prospective memory: How multitasking affects spontaneous retrieval in young and older adults

  • Sociology
      (SOC-12) Emily Jeske and Shelby Price
      Gender and Attributions of Intelligence
      (SOC-13) Haley Gilleran, Adam Lilly, and Austin List
      Perceptions of Employment Applications

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