Posters and Exhibits

9:30 A.M. to 11 A.M.

  • Biology
      (BIO-1) Jasmine Rethmeyer
      Internship: Greenwood Genetic Center
      (BIO-2) Martha Robinson
      Internship at the Greenville Zoo: A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper FU Style
      (BIO-3) Joseph Horacek
      The distribution of dragonfly larvae in a South Carolina stream: Relationships with sediment type, body size, and the presence of other larvae
      (BIO-4) Sasha Gogoli
      Modeling the MLL (Mixed-lineage leukemia) complex in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      (BIO-5) Audrey Heldreth
      Optimization of Luciferase Assay Protocol to Evaluate Expression of SOCS Proteins in Measles Infected A549 SLAM Cells
      (BIO-6) Peter Olsen
      SMO Dependent Sonic Hedgehog Signaling in Definitive and Hepatic Endoderm

  • Business
      (BUS-1) Alec Agrawal
      Internship: Congressman Mick Mulvaney
      (BUS-2) James Roberts
      Internship: McGuireWoods LLP

  • Chemistry
      (CHM-1) Christina Dorismond
      Determining the Limit of Detection, Limit of Injection, and Limit of Sampling of Biogenic Amines Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
      (CHM-2) Emily Nyers
      Liposomes uncorked!: Triggered drug release from liposomes
      (CHM-3) Michael Evans & Danielle Ebzery
      Fluorescent liposome-based multiplexing biosensor system
      (CHM-4) Levan Khulordava
      Corners of linear assemblies: Synthetic control of the cis/trans geometry transition metal alkynyl complexes
      (CHM-5) Sarah Beth Steagall
      Optimization of the Separation of Biogenic Amines with Electrochemical Detection.

  • Communication Studies
      (COM-1) Stephen Dixon
      Internship: ESPN-Milkwaukee
      (COM-2) Arynn Carswell
      Internship: Euphoria

  • Computer Science
      (CSC-1) Paul Aluri
      Furman Virtual Tour: Algorithm and Design Challenges
      (CSC-2) Sam Hill
      Digital Aristotle: Creating a Greek Lexical Parser in Prolog
      (CSC-3) Zach Hall
      Can You Beat My Computer at Dots and Boxes?
      (CSC-4) Dougie Warstler
      Analysis of Predictive Financial Modeling
      (CSC-5) Jeff Dye
      Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence

  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
      (EES-1) Michaela Barnett
      Internship: Sucaua, Ecuador Municipal Government
      (EES-2) Hayden Couvillion
      Internship: Dream Big Greenville
      (EES-3) Wes Floyd
      Seeking Sustainability: An Analysis of South Carolina's Comprehensive Plans

  • Health Sciences
      (HSC-1) Catherine Wingard
      Internship: Greenville Free Medical Clinic
      (HSC-2) Shelby Rimmier and Lindley Hill
      Impact of Daily Physical Education on BMI of Elementary Aged African American Youth: Longitudinal Analysis
      (HSC-3) Casey Evans
      Community-based participatory research: Application to Houses of Worship
      (HSC-4) Danielle Burt
      Consumer Acceptance of Healthy concession Options at Greenville County, South Carolina Waterparks
      (HSC-5) Seth Greenstein and Maggie Grisell
      Opportunities for Advancing Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehabiliation with Single Legged Cycling and Standard Perturbations

  • Neuroscience
      (NSC-1) John Beasley
      Exploring Parameters for a Single-Dose Conditioned Place Preference Protocol to EtOH in C57 Mice
      (NSC-2) Lake Rabenold
      Prion-like activity of the snRNP protein U1-70k
      (NSC-3) Cade Lusk
      Alcoholism and the Beta Endorphin: The Effects of Stress on EtOH Self Administration
      (NSC-4) Annie Hand
      Investigation of EtOH reward in mice

  • Philosophy
      (PHL-1) Christina Downes
      Criminal Justice, Media, and the Mentally Ill: Misconceptions and Public Judgments

  • Physics
      (PHY-1) Ben Krichman
      Mullite Matrix Composites via Sol Gel InfiltraCon
      (PHY-2) Evdokiya Kostadinova
      Probe Motion Control System for Madison Plasma Dynamo Experiment

  • Political Science
      (PSC-1) Angela Acampora
      Internship: W&W in Washington
      (PSC-2) Kelly Dickson
      Internship: Human Trafficking--Bringing Atlanta Out of Darkness
      (PSC-3) Sara Kerrigan
      Internship: Congressman Jim Clyburn
      (PSC-4) Joseph Kennedy
      Internship: Canadian Parliament

  • Poverty Studies
      (PVS-1) Julia Roberts
      Social Class and Decision-making
      (PVS-2) Jai-Ryung (Jenny) Lee
      Global Poverty
      (PVS-3) Caitlin Vaka
      Seeds of Learning in La Victoria: PVS Internship
      (PVS-4) Emily Vontsolos
      Living in Community: PVS Internship
      (PVS-5) Jordan Delk
      GAIHNING A New Perspective on the Homeless: PVS Internship
      (PVS-6) Sarah Lauritsen
      Not So Pura Vida: Poverty in Costa Rica (PVS Internship)

  • Psychology
      (PSY-1) Amanda Hock
      The Effect of Fashion Ad Labels on Women's Body Dissatisfaction

  • Sociology
      (SOC-1) Victor Brown
      Internship: Populus
      (SOC-2) Mary Kayla Brooks and Andrew Kraska
      Public and Private Education and Perceptions of Mental Health
      (SOC-3) Molly Gunson and Cameron Simon
      The Effects of Homosexuality on Drinking
      (SOC-4) Andrew Atcher and Hope Smith
      Interracial Relationships and Mental Health

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