Furman Administrative Services' Student Connection

Furman Administrative Services (FAS) strongly believes in working with students to improve service, create opportunities for cooperation and assist in their educational experience at Furman University.  FAS has empowered students to mold their future as well as the future of FAS through the creation of student feedback groups such as Students' Voice, assisting in the generation of student lead businesses on campus, introducing student manger programs and offering internships throughout FAS departments.  FAS is committed to enhancing the relationship and experience of Furman University students.
  • Students' Voice
  • Student Lead Businesses
  • Student Managers
  • Internships


“Thus the dream becomes not one man’s dream alone, but a community dream. Not my dream alone, but our dream, not my world alone, but your world and my world, belonging to all the hands who build.” – Langston Hughes

Mission: The mission of the Student’s Voice committee is to work with students in a team effort to consistently improve the quality of life of students on campus through the products and services provided by Furman University Administrative Services. Adherent to this mission will be the need for communication, understanding, and responsiveness from all the stakeholders involved.

Furman Auxiliaries:
a) Dining Services
b) Bookstore
c) Public Safety
d) Post Office
e) Golf Course
f) Events Services (Timmons Arena & Younts Conference Center)
g) Digital Express

Committee Representatives: The committee will consist of one staff member and up to 12 students. The one staff member will be a director from one of the auxiliaries and a co-chair of the committee. The directors will alternate amongst the auxiliaries annually. The second co-chair will be a student serving on the committee.




Furman Administrative Services (FAS) believes that the primary importance of any endeavor involving students is to be closely connected to the learning environment. While being a Student Manager may not entail academic credit, it does teach students practical, “real-world” concepts that are a large part of their learning curve at college. The following are student learning outcomes for the FAS Student Manager program:

Student Manager Learning Outcomes
  • As a Student Manager, students will develop effective customer service skills, including but not limited to: a successful attitude, anticipating customers needs, meeting customers’ needs, conflict resolution/diffusion skill and customer follow up after events.
  • As a Student Manager, students will gain knowledge of the operation of a multi-purpose and/or revenue-generating facility. Management of a this type of facility includes, but is not limited to,  opening and closing the facility, ensuring meeting rooms or other reservable spaces are set up correctly, daily cash receipt reconciliation, and ensuring that the facility is in operating (clean) condition for customers.
  • As a Student Manager, students will gain and utilize employee management skills, including but not limited to, scheduling employees, conflict resolution/diffusion, implementing University-wide and building-specific policies and procedures, and assisting in evaluating student employees.
  • As a Student Manager, students will utilize their knowledge of Furman University and the R25 Reservations system to answer customer’s questions appropriately.
  • As a Student Manager, students will develop knowledge of operational and audio/visual equipment, including how to “trouble-shoot” problems.
  • As a Student Manager, students will demonstrate an ability to effectively make and learn from decisions based on pertinent information.
  • As a Student Manager of FAS, students will develop leadership skills as a result of working closely with professional staff members and colleagues.

    Each department will conduct assessment activities each year to insure that these student learning outcomes are being sufficiently taught to the Student Managers, and this assessment information can be used to continually improve the program for the students involved.


    Internships provide students with the opportunity to apply academic skills such as writing, research, planning, problem-solving and presentation. The internship gives students the chance to experience different career options first-hand and often can lead to students deciding what they want to do or not do as a career. Furman Administrative Services (FAS) provides students with a number of opportunities to markedly impact FAS departments through inclusion in day to day operations, staff meetings, and special projects. In addition, the Internship Office offers direction and guidance for students as well as workshops and materials.

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