Study Away: Transforming
Students' World View

Today's students must be adept at handling the rigors of an increasingly dynamic and interdependent world. Furman's study away programs help students become more aware of their place in the global community.

At Furman, study away encompasses both traditional travel programs abroad and internships and research programs within the United States. It provides a window to other landscapes, cultures, mores, ways of life and perspectives. Says Kailash Khandke, Assistant Academic Dean for Study Away and International Education, "Study away programs need to go beyond the surface of differences in culture to providing an environment of mutual respect and tolerance of other societies. Hence the mission of Furman's study away programs is consistent with the mission of a liberal arts education: the development of a person intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually, while offering educational opportunities that cultivate critical thinking and interdisciplinary skills."

Learning "slow food" in Italy from an Italian grandmother

Furman is different from most universities in that it does not out-source most of its study away programs. Depending on the year, as many as 70 percent of the university's programs are led by Furman faculty members who provide academic direction before, during and after the trip. As a result, the programs are seamlessly integrated into the university's academic program.

The university sponsors nearly 30 study away programs for approximately 370 students annually. More than 40 percent of Furman students participate in study away during their college careers. They may choose a semester-length program, a three-week "May Experience" trip, or a summer semester abroad.

Study Away in Segovia, Spain

Study away at Furman has two urgent needs:

  • Quality of programming: Furman seeks to preserve the academic integrity of existing programs while creating new opportunities for travel and enrichment.
  • Affordability: The university is looking to make study away more accessible by building an endowment that provides need-based assistance to students who would not otherwise be able to participate.


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